12 inch acetate single

List Price: £69
Track count (side a):
Track count (side b):


The ultimate luxury, a freshly cut 12-inch acetate dubplate represents the pinnacle of personalised DJing. Nothing quite matches the pure sound and accurate detail of this high resolution format. At 1.5mm thick and weighing 225 grams (net), you know when your bag is stuffed with these dubs, and the reward of playing them is well worth it (please note, we are currently not able to get hold of the traditional two-hole dubs, so we are using single-hole Transco Masterpiece Series or MDC lacquers).

A 12 inch acetate dub single usually contains 1 track per side (2 per disc) and runs at 45rpm.

Extra tracks can be added (max. 2 tracks per side) provided the track time per side is around 10 minutes or less.

We also offer a no-quibble guarantee on all dubplates - we prefer to do a recut than lose a customer - so please let us know any feedback you have on the final product.