10 inch vinyl EP


Order 2 or more, and the price is just £39 per dub!

List Price: £49
Track count (side a):
Track count (side b):
Colour & thickness


Perfect for holding a couple of tunes per side, without compromising on loudness or taking up too much space in your record box. Popular among sound system operators who want a vocal + version of a tune on each side.

A 10 inch vinyl dub EP usually contains 2 tracks per side (4 in total) and runs at 33rpm. Extra tracks can be added (max. 3 tracks per side) provided the track time per side is around 10 minutes or less.

We also offer a no-quibble guarantee on all dubplates - we prefer to do a recut than lose a customer - so please let us know any feedback you have on the final product.